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Is Hiring an SEO Company Worth It?

Digital marketing is a completely new approach to attract, acquire and convert potential clients. Small businesses in Canada might be advertising on social media to gain more followers, likes and establish a reputable brand name. But is social media marketing enough to grow your business?

Why SEO and Not SMM?

Social media marketing is a great tool to boost your online brand’s presence, however, if you want to compete for growth, we would recommend investing in SEO marketing.

Search Engine Marketing (SEO) is a growing digital marketing approach because of its promising results. SEO enables you to distinguish your website from the rest of the competition and attracts a genuine customer base.

There are lots of ways to attract more views, likes, and followers on digital platforms, but not all are genuinely interested in buying your product or service. To identify and attract potential customers, SEO is the best digital marketing technique.

Although the SEO marketing process takes time, it is worth it. There is no perfect time to measure your campaign results. You might have to modify your strategy anytime. For that, you need to thoroughly monitor your SEO campaigns. What most businesses in Toronto do is that they hire a compatible SEO company in Toronto. An SEO company takes all responsibility for managing, creating, and updating your business’s SEO campaigns. All you need to do is to hire the best one.

What to Expect from an SEO Expert?

You may hire an in-house SEO expert or outsource SEO services. Hiring an in-house SEO expert might save your costs but, it will take time to show the desired results.

Hiring an SEO agency will be a more practical approach, as the entire team will be dedicated to your company’s project. SEO agencies have the right personnel to manage everyday SEO tasks, such as link building, profile linking and blog commenting. They have the experts to develop and re-design your web in an SEO-optimized manner. Their content writers will create keyword-optimized content for web traffic engagement. The SEO experts will create SEO strategies for your business-specific goals and update changes based on new search algorithms. All these tasks are team-oriented and take time. Therefore, hiring an SEO agency will be better.

How to Find the Right Provider?

Choosing the right SEO agency requires a lot of research work and detailed consideration. Many SEO experts are offering freelancing services in Toronto to SMEs. However, before hiring any, all businesses must consider the following steps.

  • Search Locally
  • Conduct Online Research
  • Check Client Testimonials

Search Locally:

Lots of digital marketing agencies are providing SEO services in Canada. If your own a small business in Toronto and are looking to hire a local firm, it would be better to search for the best SEO company in Toronto. Hiring a local SEO company will give you more insight into the firm’s organizational structure, level of expertise, and service level. It would become for you to follow up and set up a quick meeting to discuss the overall project’s success.

Conduct Online Research:

Another way to select the top SEO firm is to conduct online research. Good companies are always listed online and have a very active digital media profile. Their websites are usually well-structured to fulfill the visitor’s requirement. So, if you want to know about their service charges, work portfolio, timings, or read client reviews, you will get it all online.

Although, some of your local firms might not be listed on the initial pages of the search results. This can be a valid indicator of their SEO performance and, this might help you to opt for another.

Check Client Testimonials:

Word of mouth has always been a popular source of information. Nowadays, it is easier to check the performance of any firm via online reviews. Similarly, client testimonials can you a better idea of an agency’s SEO performance from a customer point of view. This will help you in analyzing key concerns before hiring a new firm.

After shortlisting or selecting your SEO service provider, you should always schedule a meeting with them to discuss your goals and verify their SEO understanding. Remember, SEO is not about generating more traffic. It is about attracting relevant traffic from industry-optimized keywords.

Sometimes, you will have to reconstruct your website according to SEO technicalities but, it is not always the same case. Therefore, you must be vigilant enough to discuss the SEO strategy before finalizing any key plan.

It is also important to discuss the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) beforehand. So, it will be easy to measure results at the end of each month. Sometimes you might get good web traffic but no active engagement or good leads but no conversions. This does not mean that your SEO firm is not good enough, but it indicates that a change in the SEO campaign plan is required. Therefore, your SEO firm must be proactive to make adequate campaign changes.

You might still be thinking about whether to hire a full-service SEO agency or recruit an in-house SEO expert. Some other factors will help you ease your decision.

Do you have the budget to hire an experienced SEO team?

Do you have time to train all new individuals?

Do you have the required technology or SEO setup?

If no, then opting for an SEO firm will be better. Furthermore, you can always check on your competitors whether they are working with an SEO firm or not.