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How Much Does It Cost for SEO Services in Toronto?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is another essentially growing digital marketing technique in 2021. Most businesses have gone digital during these two years. Their cost of conversion is dependent on the SEO company they have hired for it. Transforming your marketing practices to a digital world seems a feasible option, however, there are certain costs associated with it.

The cost of hiring the wrong agency. The cost of opting for the alternate digital strategy. The cost of paying more. All of these costs are associated while making a hiring decision. Ideally, we do not consider such costs other than the overall SEO costs. So, we must take into consideration these factors before hiring any digital marketing agency in Toronto. Later, we can evaluate and analyze the costs of the services of each firm.

The Actual SEO Costs in Toronto:

SEO services in Toronto cost almost CAD 150-250 per hour. This is the cost of a full-service SEO agency in Toronto. Whereas, a local SEO company might cost CAD 50-100 per hour for local SEO services. This price disparity is due to many factors including, quality of services, professional expertise, and the scope of the project.

All small-medium businesses in Toronto should be familiar with the SEO processes to verify the cost of each service incurred. One thing is for sure, that SEO is a long-term project. You can not expect results sooner than six months. It is mainly because of the search engine algorithms that need some time to change. That is why it is extremely important to hire an SEO Expert. Many SEO service providers will charge extremely high rates, but you should be familiar with the following cost division before hiring anyone.

Cost of SEO Services in Toronto, Canada

Consulting Fee


Keyword Research


Technical SEO


Web Design & Maintenance


Content Creation & Management




Off-site SEO




This is an estimated breakdown of SEO services. The costs associated with each service are rated per hour. From the table above we can see that the division of the overall SEO process.

Division of a Long-term SEO Project:

The SEO process can be divided into multiple phases. The first phase is known as the consultation phase. In which your SEO service provider will analyze and evaluate your current SEO status, conduct a web audit, and present a list of things that needs improvement. The most important of all is keyword research. The keywords are the base of your entire SEO activity. Keyword research takes time and effort. The complete on-site and off-site SEO activity is based upon the keyword strategy. That is why it is the most expensive of all.

Keywords are used both on-site and off-site. On-site SEO is also known as technical SEO. It means that if your website needs any technical improvements, as suggested in the audit report, your SEO service provider will be working on it. Once, on-site SEO is completed. The most engaging content activities begin. Content creation is also quite expensive because only fresh and informative content will get more views. Therefore, businesses should hire those SEO services in Toronto which have their in-house team of content writers.

Furthermore, we can say that every SEO activity has its time. For instance, blogs will be regularly published and shared on different sites, a continuous link-building chain is created to unlock the high levels of SERP. Likewise, there might be some additional paid SEO activities that businesses will have to pay for later on. For example, PPC ads or SMM. Although they are not directly associated with SEO marketing, they do have an impact on SEO ranking.

Therefore, it can be concluded that Toronto-based SEO services are quite expensive. But it all depends on the services that you might be taking on. Small businesses in Toronto do not need to worry about such expensive services as some local SEO companies deal in only local SEO services that are very reasonable and suitable for all local businesses.

Some Other Pricing Models Followed in Toronto:

Moreover, this is just an hourly pricing model that has been shared above. Many other pricing models are being followed in most SEO companies in Toronto. Some companies charge monthly based on their SEO services. Others charge project-wise while some follow a performance-based model.

Most of all, offer monthly packages. Monthly packages are very reasonable and suitable for long-term projects. They are charged between CAD 1000-3000 per month. As we all know SEO will take some time to showcase results. Therefore, selecting a monthly pricing strategy is the most common option for all businesses. However, some small businesses do opt for other options as well. Like project-based pricing strategy is usually suitable for those businesses which have a specific SEO requirement to be fulfilled in a certain time. Say, for example, they need to re-design their SEO website within a month or two. The charges are between CAD 1500-5000.

Similarly, a performance-based pricing scheme is solely based on short-term SEO results. The charges are between CAD 800-1500. This means that a client will only pay for the SEO activity once set results have been shown. This is not quite a reasonable approach as SEO service providers will work only to attain short-term results that might hamper your SEO growth in the future.

Thus, it can be concluded that SEO is indeed a very long and a bit expensive digital marketing activity. But it is quite useful and essential in these competitive marketing regimes.